Development Of Students As A Leader At Galgotia

Galgotia University, one of the most prominent universities of India that turns the private sector of education in the country with high level of competition and students with the courage to take high jumps in the corporate world. For past decade, Galgotia University has been performing at its best in every aspect either placements or boosting student’s capabilities. It is worth mentioning that students of Galgotia University are tending to be the best leaders of future. Dhruv Galgotia speaks “Galgotia does not prepare students only for future as a professional but also as a leader. Leadership is one of the traits that you may find in every Galgotian”.

4 Steps In Development Of Students

  1. Compassion and Integrity

    Leaders need to be patient and stay positive. Galgotians are being practiced to stay patient through providing into participation to various programs which involves leadership and guiding others. This creates a way of patience in them. Integrity defines the rigidity of leader on his/her own decisions. Integrity provides students an excellent way of decision making and taking risks which are part of leadership. Various events involve leadership where all the decisions of the participant’s matter.

  2. Neutrality

    Leaders are referred to as the guide and motivator of all the members operating over a project either professional or institutional. “Leaders are never supposed to demotivate members through giving negative feedbacks. This creates a negative conclusion over the projects and the leader too.” Galgotians are trained to find way good in worst situations. This developmental technique provides objectivity to future leaders of Galgotia.

  3. Taking Initiatives

    How many of students are able to take initiatives before the situation comes at its worst? An answer might be ‘rare’ because being new into the corporate world, they are afraid of taking risks. Galgotians are trained in such a way that they become capable of sensing the wrongs in the corporate situation and also able to take initiative through proper concentration, knowledge, and practice.

  4. Entrustment
    Being a leader, he/she needs to make every member feel needed/essential because when a project either professional or institutional take place, each member holds its own importance and it is the duty of leader to protect their worth. Thus, Galgotia University also provides its students with proper vision of knowing the worth of each member and him/her realize its importance. Such vision takes time to take place and thus, Galgotians are trained in it.
  5. Communication

    The leader is most essential part of any professional operating team has communication as part of his/her duties. Undoubtedly, proper communication starts with proper listening and also knowing what to say. This concentration towards listening and process of responding on behalf of whole team takes time and efforts. Galgotia provide the proper communication skills to its students during academics only for as to prepare them as excellent leaders.

These were the range of skills that students of Galgotia also are prepared in, for becoming a future leader. Galgotia is the only university to provide in campus training in variety of such small fields to make bigger differences in future of Galgotians.

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