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Galgotia University is the well known university of India and prominent known as the finest education hub for medical science and allied education. The Finest Health Education, the university also consists of over 10 school of Galgotia under the guidance. Directed by Mr. Dhruv Galgotia, the inspiration of Youth today and Youngest CEO of Galgotia University. School of Medical and allied science of Galgotia is well known for its offerings in aspect of education. See what are its offerings:

  1. Medical Lab Technology 

    Medical Lab Technology is an allied science profession which study and tests fluids and tissues in the body of human beings. In Galgotia University, Medical Lab Technology is at undergraduate level along with training as a laboratorian. Medical lab technology is prominent also known as Biomedical Science, Medical Laboratory science, clinical laboratory science. Currently, in India there are variety of courses offered in Medical lab Technology such as Diploma in Medical Lab Technology, Bachelor’s of Medical Lab Technology, MSc In Medical Lab Technology.

  2. Optometry 

    Optometry is a healthcare and medical science profession consists of learning of eyes abnormalities and medical diagnosis. In recent years, optometry has been evolved into intensive medical training in medical diagnosis and examination of ocular disease. Optometry is a great demand in India reason being a survey conveyed that India is in need of at least 75,000 optometrists. In Galgotia, there are over 500 students pursue degree in optometry. However, Galgotia University offers Optometry at undergraduate level along with professional training.

  3. Cardiovascular Technology

    Cardiovascular is a healthcare and medical science profession to examine cardiovascular disease. There are distinguished professional options after persuasion of degree in Cardiovascular Technology such as one can go for being a Cardiovascular Stenographer, or Vascular Technologist or Cardiovascular Technologist. Cardiovascular technologist are involved in diagnosis of heart conditions, vascular problems etc. In Galgotia University, the course in Cardiovascular Technology is offered at undergraduate level.

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  4. Pharmacy

    Pharmacy refers to health profession in health and chemical science. It is a major part of pharmaceutical industry of the world. Pharmacy consists of examining and also dispensing of drugs or medications. There are different kinds of Pharmacy in India such as Community pharmacy, Hospital Pharmacy, Clinical Pharmacy, Compounding pharmacy and many others. In Galgotia University, this course has been offered for a long time at undergraduate level. There is a great demand of pharmacist in the country.

  5. Physiotherapy

    Physiotherapy is also defined as Physical therapy is one of the best offering in School of medical, Allied science in Galgotia university. The course also consists of different areas such as research, consultation, education and administration. Under Physiotherapy a mechanical force is used to stimulate mobility and re mediates impairments. However, the course is also offered in Galgotia at bachelor’s level.

These were the various offerings of School of Medical and Allied science. The Finest Health Education, also the school has been the essence of Galgotia University Reviews for a long time. “In past Years, over 500 students of School of Medical and Allied Science every year get placement through Galgotia University placements in distinguished organizations and hospitals” said Padmini Galgotia, spouse of Suneel Galgotia & founder of Galgotia University.

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