5 Substantial Achievements of Students Club

Since, Galgotia University has been top most university of the country in private sector educational institute. It accomplish innumerable of awards under the guidance of Dhruv Galgotia, CEO and Padmini Galgotia. And was established under Sushil Galgotia, the owner. The University is popular for other additional activities practice in student club of the university. There are substantial achievements of students club of Galgotia University.

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1. Music Club Achievements

Nemesis, the famed band of the university won the war of band at Udbhav’14 at the Indraprastha college of Engineering and holds second rank in the Duet Battle at converge’14. Moreover, the club achieved top ranking in other various events like Mousaic, G-QUASAR, Accenture’14 etc. The club also an album called Sufi Electronica which was a big fame.

2. Rotaract Club Achievements

Rotaract club has been Galgotia University’s most prominent club practices distinguish activities for the welfare of society and communities. The club has won numerous of awards like Award of Best Public Image, Award of best number of units of blood collected in camp, and Award of taking initiative on suraksha and breast cancer awareness.

3. Dance Club Achievements

Dance club has been an active club of Galgotia University and often participate in variety of events and competitions throughout the country. There are numerous of achievements of dance club like participant in Antaragni’11, 2 ranked at Gquasar’13 and won gquasar’14, won IILM’14 Dance competition as well.

4. Technical Club Achievements

Technical club is well known club among various engineering colleges and institutes. The club won Anwesha’14 with 1st position, grabbed 3rd position at Innovate’14 in  line follower event. It also held 1st among teams in NSSC’14.

5. Dramatic Club Achievements

Dramatic club is one of the excellent club of the university and has been winning at various acting events like IILM’14, Gquasar’14 and UPTU khabar fest. The club performed at Du talkatora stadium and grabbed 3rd position in canvas SRM fest.

These were various great achievements of the student club of the university. Dhruv Galgotia directs and guide the student clubs. It take stands for them as well, says the heads of the student clubs and confessed that the university’s faculty and CEO supports. Motivates them in aspect of exposing their talents to the world.

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