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Career after 12 standard is the last stage of a student’s school life. After 12th standard, a student has to decide his path and his career. This step has to be taken after lots of planning and thinking.

As this paves way for the future of the child. In India Engineering and MBBS ar the most sought after courses, but the number of Engg. Graduates colleges have been churning out every year, there has been a great dearth in demand vs supply for good paying jobs.

Gladly there are universities such as Galgotia, in Greater Noida, devoted to excellence in teaching, research and innovation, offering diverse courses which can help you better.

Career Path to Choose after 12th

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  1. Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch)-

    Career in Architecture is attractive, lucrative, and has lots of potential in terms of development.You can register with COA (Council of Architecture) after completing your B.Arch Degree. You can also pursue advanced courses in B.Arch

  1. B. Sc. (Hons.) Forensic Science

    The scope of forensic science study is vast. You can get jobs in various governments & private sectors. The study will improve your skills and knowledge. After completing your degree, you can open your own forensic practice & forensic service offices. You also may employ in Forensic Laboratories, Detective Offices, Banks and other Govt. and private agencies.

  1. Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharma)

    The B.Pharm is one of the popular job oriented course among the science students after class 12th. In this course the students study about the drugs and medicines, Pharmaceutical Engineering, Medicinal Chemistry etc. This course provides a large no. of job opportunities in both the public and private sector. the course by Galgotia university is Approved by PCI

  1. Bachelor of Physiotherapy (B.P.T.)-

    Physiotherapy is an independent health profession which is mainly directed towards the prevention or alleviation of movement dysfunction in people.You can also pursue for the master degree program in Physiotherapy after completing graduation degree in Physiotherapy.

  1. Five year Integrated B.B.A. LL.B.(Hons.)-

    Student can go for law courses with any stream (Science stream/ Commerce stream / Arts stream) in 12th.Law is very reputed filed for choose as a career. It is a hard-working and sincere field. A fresher may have to work under the reputed legal firm or lawyer for initial starting of his career.India has a great demand of skilled lawyer as per the survey done by the Bar Council of India. Only 20% of the Indian law students are eligible to work in court.

Choosing the right course from the right university is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. We hope this article could help you think beyond basic engineering and doctor degrees.

To get more insight into the courses discussed above and  what makes Galgotia University special, visit: and helps you make the best possible choice for your future.

Wish you all the best.

2 thoughts on “Confused Which Career Path to Choose after 12th? | Galgotia University

  • Every student after passing 12th board exams plans for getting into a decent college. But the race for engineering ruins many. I was one of them. But fortunately I found my DREAM JOB through Galgotia University. This college provides you a great cultural exposure work ethics and gives you a great opportunity to grow and evolve.

  • Choosing a career in engineering was the wisest decision of my life. Every student wants there college to provide good campus PLACEMENTS facilities. Galgotia University provides great
    Placement assistance. The companies arriving at the university are well recognised big brands like Infosys, Wipro, etc. and are offering a good package.

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