Career Scope in Hotel Management and Catering

Hotel management is a vital part of the hospitality industry and offers a wide scope of employment opportunities. Also, as globalization is gaining acceptance with more and more countries all over the world, hotel management industry is becoming truly global. Below are mentioned some of the points which would answer some of the important questions related to career scope in hotel management:

Career Scope in Hotel Management and Catering

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1. Prepare yourself

If you plan to build a career in hospitality, then you need to prepare yourself from the very beginning itself. You ought to have excellent communication skills, reasoning skills, numerical aptitude and pleasing personality.

2. Is it the right career for you?

It is vital to analyze the pros and cons of hotel management before choosing it as a career. You need to know whether the work profile matches your personality traits or not. You must be ready to work in management, food and beverage service, housekeeping, sales, and marketing etc, If you join this industry.

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3. Job prospects

Hotel Management and Catering is subject to the state of the national economy and global economy. Trained hotel management professionals would have privilege over untrained graduates, as hotels are not willing to invest in training of recruits rather prefers trained ones.

4. Pay packet

Students who come from top notch hotel management institutes such as IHM may receive starting salary of Rs 20,000 or more. Also, candidates with diploma or certification programs can get salaries starting from Rs 8,000 to 10,000. Salary package of students differs a lot on the size and shape of the employment company and on candidates skills.

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