Enter the World of Glamour And Information by Choosing the Best Career in Media Studies

The world has experienced a rapid change with the rise of new media in the recent years. Furthermore, all the boundaries have been transcend. The entire global community seems to be united by a single platform call media. This media also not only includes new media (internet) but print (newspaper) and electronic (radio and television) too. The course has a lot many options to choose from after successfully getting the degree from a reputed institute like IIMC, DU, Galgotia University etc out of which the best careers are mention below:

Choosing the Best Career in Media Studies


You can work as an editor, writer, reporter for any kind of news or media outlet, be it in a newspaper, some online portal, radio channel or news channel on television. You can inform and educate by taking interviewing known personalities.

2.Feature writer

As a feature writer, you suppose to work on writing in-depth articles. It can also be written using a narrative style of technique or news writing.

3.Public Relations Specialist

A Public Relations Specialist creates and promotes also the positive image of a brand by getting people involve to say good about that particular brand.


You create a story or bring your imagination into action by directing everyone involved in filmmaking to work according to your vision.


You can write about artistic endeavors, put your opinion in front of the people to spread your views on it. You can also write critical reviews of the works you see judging their style, technique, and vision.

Galgotia University is one of the best universities for media studies course. It is in Greater Noida and offers the course also with exceptional facilities for students. The primary goal of the School of Media and Communication Studies (SMCS) is to nurture media and communication professionals who can leave a lasting impression in the media industry. As a result, it also attracts bright and goal driven students and ensuring that they’ll study alongside equally high-achieving peers. Teaching, supervision, and support are provided by top faculty and industry professionals also with links to major media companies.

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